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I Yvecar, I am a mother of 4 beautiful angels that I am really proud of. I am a wife, and also a business owner. I always wanted to create a brand for my children, just did not have any ideas how to get started. In the midst of the pandemic, I had to leave my job so I could stay home with my children. it was not an easy decision, but as a mother our children always comes first. That's when I determined to start a business. I choose to make hair bows because I thought it was a wonderful idea since I used to make it for my second daughter and she loves them, then I thought of making a brand for her. Bows are a cute accessory for little girls and I fell in love with the idea and enjoy making bows. It was the best decision, I wouldn't trade it for anything. All my hair bows are carefully handmade by me with passion and love from start to finish.

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